Frequently asked questions

At what time should we arrive the day of the game?

Try to meet at the parking site around half an hour before your session. At the beginning of the session you will get a security briefing which requires all players to be present. Latecomers are not allowed to join the game for both practical and security reasons!

What should I take?

To register you will need your ID. Players without ID or driver’s license will not be admitted entrance to the terrain. Furthermore, it is advised to bring sturdy old shoes and some spare clothing. Obviously, old clothes and shoes which you not mind getting quite dirty are preferred. Some light gloves and a cap are advised, but are not obliged. It is not possible to pay by card, so please make sure you are carrying enough cash to pay for the session and possible extras (drinks, snacks & extra paintballs).

Can I play paintball while wearing glasses?

Most glasses can be worn inside the paintball mask, but the smaller the better. However, if you also use contact lenses, it is strongly advised to wear these for your own comfort because your own lenses might fog up quickly.

Can you wash off the paint from your clothes?

Despite its name, a paintball does not actually contain any paint. The paintballs are made from gelatine (which is used in food) and filled with water and food pigment. They are not toxic and 100% biodegradable! Under normal circumstances, the paint should be gone in a single wash. Still, it is advised to wear old clothes that can get dirty, just in case.

If I get shot in game, will I have to wait for a long time?

If you get shot by a paintball, you must leave the playing field and wait until the next game starts. However, a game takes a maximum of fifteen minutes, so you will not have to wait long before starting a new one.

What is the minimum/maximum age for playing paintball?

The minimum age for playing a normal paintball session is 14 years old. A maximum age does not exist as such: our oldest customer up until now was 76 and very enthusiastic!
It is possible to book a separate paintball session for children between 10 and 14. These have special guns and smaller paintballs fit for children and are completely separate from any regular paintball session.

Why choose indoor paintball as opposed to outdoor?

There are many advantages to playing indoor paintball: First, the weather will never throw a spanner in the works, whether there is rain, snow or a lot of wind. In the opposite case of high temperatures, the indoor paintball terrain is a cooler alternative than playing in the burning sun. Furthermore, playing inside will prevent the wind from throwing your aim off target, which can be a real hassle when playing outdoors. In the evening, our terrain is well-lit, which is also more difficult outdoors. Playing paintball in the dark will be a struggle, as you’ll need to see where your paintballs are going!
Finally, games of outdoor paintball generally will take much longer. As such, it is possible you’ll have to wait up to 40 minutes before starting a new game. With indoor paintball the waiting is much shorter, as the games are quicker and more exciting.

Is it possible to eat or drink on site?

Paintball Gent is equipped with a cafeteria where it is possible to have a drink and a snack. These will be available during the break and both before and after the game. We do not provide warm meals, but we are located closely to Ghent centre, where there’s a virtually infinite amount of cafés and restaurants. If you so wish, Paintball Gent personnel will inform you of some of the local favourite spots. It is also possible to have something delivered, please discuss this with us at the time of reservation.

Is it allowed to bring my personal gun/paintballs?

Bringing your own paintball gun on the terrain is not allowed. To keep the game fair, all players are equipped with the same gun. Furthermore, a paintball gun should be minutely fine-tuned with the use of a paintball-radar to measure the speed of the shot paintballs. It is not possible to measure this with personal weapons, and as such we would not be able to guarantee the safety of all players. Bringing your own paintballs would be similar to bringing your own wine to a restaurant, which is obviously not allowed!

Would it be a good idea to drink some alcohol before the game?

Playing paintball under influence is a terrible idea, considering both your own and the other players’ safety. As such, it is not allowed to drink any alcohol before or during your sessions. If you arrive under influence, you will not be allowed to join the game. We will be very strict in this regard.

Could I make money playing paintball?

Oliver Lang, one of the best paintball players in the world, recently signed for three years and got paid $100’000. Maybe with a lot of practice you will become his successor?

How can you distinguish the teams?

Each team gets its own colour mask and overall, so the difference is clear on the playing field.

Which game types will be played?

You will play the most exciting paintball games: ‘Capture the Flag’, ‘Protect the President’, ‘Team Deathmatch’ (Elimination), ‘Base Defender’, etc. The amount of games played depends mostly on the size of the group and the playstyle (offensive or defensive).

Can I buy paintballs for personal use at Paintball Gent?

Yes, you can. Please contact us for more info.